Crafts Project - Set Building

Over the past few weeks I've been planning and fabricating a project I've had in my head for a while. The project will show and document a number of different crafts people working and creating in Scotland. The crafts involved will vary from the traditional Scottish crafts to the more modern and contemporary crafts from other parts of the world.

The images I'm looking to produce will be a cross of documentary photography, showing the process and person and fine art photographing displaying the tools, materials and pieces in a considered and unique set.

I designed and built the set I am using for my still life images by hand, this is just a preview of the process of the build.



The design was to create a set that replicates a corner of a room, two connecting walls and a base. I knew i wanted a different texture on the walls and the base so i decided to use different woods and process them differently. I picked chipboard and MDF, this material is easy to get, very cheap and since the set would be have to be portable, both are very light. I measured the set by eye and cut to shape as i knew it didn't have too be overly accurate its roughly 1m high and 0.5m wide on a square baseboard.

With the chipboard I created a square base with strapping that connected and joined the 2 pieces together strongly, having the strapping on the bottom also meant that the set was straight and level. I cut the strapping to the right size and then made 5 counter sunk holes for the screws so the base lay as flat as possible.



I  started to make the walls and cut them to shape, I cut more strapping for the L brackets to attach too as if I'd attached them too the walls alone the screws would of came though the inside of the walls. I used four 'L' brackets up the length of the set to hold everything in place and to give it more than enough support and sturdiness for when the set would be travelling.

Once the base was tacked and attached i used a plaster filler to fill the gaps and then left to dry. Once it was dry i used a hand sander to smooth out the surface and remove any excess plaster. I also sanded the MDF walls to remove the top coating of sealant to lift the hairs and give the walls more  of a texture.

I finally gave the whole set 2 coats of spray on grey primer, my original idea was to paint the walls and the base a certain more considered colour, however after a few test photos with the grey paint i felt like, for this project it fitted with the atheistic i was going for.


©David Whitelaw 2015 - All Rights Reserved

©David Whitelaw 2015 - All Rights Reserved